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 Various Artists [Solo Duo Trio - Apocope & Eg0cide labels] (2 Albums, 7 Tracks)


  • "Solo Duo Trio" is not an artist / band, but a serie of live events with various artists, organized in Paris by french labels Apocope and eg0cide. Each concert is recorded and then published as free download albums
  • Failure Circle
  • Frederick Galiay (Godjira)
  • Benjamin Pagier (Godjira)
  • Augustin Bette (Ugut)
  • Xavier Mussat (Ugut)
  • Basile Naudet (Ugut)
  • and more soon...
Since february 2018, Eg0cide Productions partners with another french label, Apocope, to organize live concerts folowing a simple format: three parts, one solo, one duo, one trio. Artists are invited to present new projects, and to try to new encounters (for one live set or more). Each concert is recorded,
and then made available for free download. All these recordings will be co-released by eg0cide and Apocope's digital section. The objective of this project is to give an insight into the deep, vivid and diverse French experimental music scene. Solo Duo Trio page on This first album of the serie is also available in flac and wav formats on SDT2 will take place on 29 may at Instants Chavirés, with Laurent Di Biase / Sig Valax & ZARAZ WAM ZAGRAM / Camille Emaille, Nina Garcia & Arnaud Rivière


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