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Sounds to Come by Various Artists [Chinstrap Music]

Album Description


"Sounds to Come" is the second installment of a series on Chinstrap of music and sound-design cut from public-domain horror and science-fiction films from c.1930-1970.The aim of the releases is the reframing of digital artefacts - although the pieces have been recut and equalised, we are not aiming to present definitive versions of these recordings, we rather present the work for the possibility of further investigation into the composers, sound-designers, film-makers, and of course the films themselves, which are available, in the main, for free download at"Teenagers Battle the Thing" - Director: Don Fields"The Man Who Changed His Mind" - Director: Robert Stevenson * Music: Louis Levy "Svengali" - Director: Archie Mayo * Music: Vitaphone Orchestra "The Phantom Ship" - Director: Denison Clift * Music: Eric Ansell "Attack of the Giant Leeches" - Director: Bernard L. Kowalski * Music: Alexander Laszlo "Horrors of Spider Island" - Director: Jaime NolanLegal disclaimer: This release is made under the belief that these scores and sound-design are in the public-domain, and is intended to disseminate and raise appreciation of this film music. If you represent the interests of any of the composers and object to this release, we will willingly (though a little grudgingly) remove it.Chinstrap is a not-for-profit music gallery.

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dpnem on 06/30/11 at 09:17PM

. . .

This next delightful oddity is Sounds to Come, music that Ergo Phizmiz himself culled from science fiction and horror B-movies from the 1930s to the 1970s. Forty-five minutes filled creepy music and campy dialogue from open-source movies on I have yet to had an opportunity to listen to what I suppose is it’s companion piece, Albert Glasser’s The Confessions of an Opium Eater. Sounds to Come is best listened to while your head is heavily clouded by some sort drug or alcohol, the lights are low, and the night rain lashes out against your windows.
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