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Released Jan 01, 1976
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This 1976 compilation was transcribed directly from one of the earliest two-sided EvaTone Sound Sheets (pressed on translucent red plastic); the original master has been lost. One thousand copies were distributed in three-color, silk-screened gatefold sleeves.
We now refer to recordings made between 1970 and 1981 by the following artists and all the bands descended from the Artifacts/yclept community as "Analog Music from a Lost World." Newer, more comprehensive collections will follow this one.
Record conceived and produced by Dennis Madigan, drummer for X-Breed and later, Single Bullet Theory.
"Artifacts Vol. 1" title, cover image and flexi-concept by William Burke.
Cover photo by Sandy Jensen.
Art and advice by Z (Tom Zimmerman) and Michael Maurice Garrett.
These are the original liner notes:
SPRINGTIME. The year is 2020. Nannaw is preening the robot and Ooompaw has just finished his nap. It is early afternoon, and Ooompaw is sitting there, transfixed. Nannaw can never tell if he is for real or "just cloning around." "I can almost remember...," Ooompaw keeps repeating, sort of to himself, but just loud enough for Nannaw to hear. "I can almost remember...Cross Brace, yep, and Big Nappy and Little Nappy...heh, heh, heh...yep, I can almost..."
NANNAW SUSPECTS it is time to take the bull by the horns. So she pulls out the old red disc from long ago, and she drops it on the box. Which is to say she gives the platter a spin. With the first chords of "Marlene," Ooompaw is up and hopping. "Circus of Terror" finds Ooompaw unsteady and for good reason. The cold sweat passes. Crank up the robot, Nannaw, it's time to "cop a buzz," hey? "On the Can" sends the little robot hurrying to the store for some "supplies," and Little Lacy beckons the cute little mutants from next door to dance, too.
AND SO IT GOES, on and on and on, down through time...Ooompaws & Nannaws of tomorrow, we proudly present these ARTIFACTS for your memory library. See you around. 
-- William "Montserrat" Burke (1976)

jelbogen Apr 09, 2011

Wow... Very excited to find this here! Thanks!

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