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Two Zombies Later

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Various Artists
Various Artists
An International double album of latterday exotica. The DJ activates the emotional SuperDrive within the freshly rendered Lounge Cubism. You arrange to meet for the common, eroticizing file sharing. Through the finely cut cocktail glasses the ladies' romantic looks ignite rainbows which burn-in into PDA monitors. As a result men's hearts melt like amorous ice cubes on hot sheets. Tropical mist, exotic condiment, pacific secrets and extended processor capacity maneuver the banter - a rendezvous of lascivious multitasking. Besides you hear music that suggests a sensual ambience which resembles the sensation to be on a never-ending trip. Meanwhile, "the tarantula
crawls out of the terrarium and up the Tiki lantern."



Two Zombies Later
06. Der Plan - Jungle Village 00:02:27
15. Sem Sinatra - Toryansay 00:01:14
17. Marble - Wah Factor 3 00:03:44
21. Jan Fornell - Drift 00:03:40
24. Bumpenstein - Fuad Motel 00:03:18
28. Hybe - Venom 00:05:18
30. djfreshmoney - Whammo 00:02:11
31. Black Sash - You People 00:03:51
UPLOADED: 05/21/2015
LISTENS: 27883

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