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 Varakvatz (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


LOCATION:Yerevan, Armenia 0001
  • Luxury Man aka Ablet - Vocals
  • Magnum Devotchka aka The Long Beach Rambler - Guitar and Organ
  • Հիսուս Կռիսդոս aka Hisus Krisdos - Bass
  • Keshishkebabracesatana aka Johnny - Drums
  • WaveJIAN
  • The Chords Of Fame
  • Laura Palmer

Varakvatz is Armenia's only original punk band - it's a fact. Lyrics are disturbing and often reference the glory of communism. Members perform live often half-naked. Distortion on everything. Varakvatz molests foodstuffs, and as Keshishkebabracesatana says, "If it makes you happy, eat it." For lyrics visit the bandcamp page. Our genre is psycho-stanci.


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