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The Vampire Lezbos are a politically & socially charged punk rock band that sings about what most won't, or can't...and in true punk detail. They question everything...including those 'taboo' subjects which many people invest much of their identities in, and are thus, unpopular to question. And this is where the
controversy begins. This is what makes them one of the most controversial bands in the world. Some like to call them a conspiracy oriented punk band, which is dubious at best. The word 'conspiracy' today is used in a negative way to derail any serious, thought provoking discussion, when it doesn't agree with the official lie. In other words, it is thrown around to ridicule or dilute an idea, except when it plays into the hands of those in power. One must always remember...where there is 'conspiracy theory', there is also 'conspiracy fact'. It is also helpful to remember that whenever you get more than 2 people in any room, people 'conspire', even about the most mundane things. Its a fact...a way of life. Its not just our world, its your world too. What they write about has been thoroughly researched. And on the contrary, most who ridicule specific topics they write about, have done little to no research of their own. They react with arrogance, scorn and condescension. After all, they surely would have heard about it if it were true, or so they think. You know... knowing without knowing. In fact, research and questioning has lead the Lezbos into a world where there is always a 'story behind the story'. 'Pure truth' lurking in the shadows of a world living a facade on the scale of a universal 'Truman Show'. Living in a world, hundreds, if not thousands of years behind what should be, based on science and technologies that currently exist, but are not being shared with the masses, for political and financial implications. Most of these themes are just not reported or talked about in the mainstream press for fear of losing power over the masses, and after all, thats what it all comes down to. Fear=Control, Fear=$. And while we're at it...Talk - Action = Zero, Talk - Research = Stupidity.