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Valerio Tricoli, Cafe OTO
LOCATION:Berlin, Germany
  • 3/4 Had Been Eliminated
  • Autistic Daughters
One Italy's more enigmatic electronic musicians - Tricoli has been investigating the complex relationship between self, sound and devices for more than a decade - Psychic processes translated in soundscapes, and vice versa. He is a member of 3/4 Hand Been Eliminated (Häpna / Die Schactel) - a super-group drawn
from Italy's improvising community that carries on the mantle handed down by This Heat, intertwining musique concrete and free improv with rock dynamics. His two solo works on Bowindo 'Metaprogramming within the eye of the storm' and 'Did They? Did I?' offer up two slabs of brilliantly baffling musique concrete and his nimble production work added much to the distinct soundworld of Autistic Daughters' two records and Dean Roberts 'Be Mine Tonight' (Kranky).