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Oil rig by V.L.A.D.

Album Description

Released:December 2nd, 2002

After his debut on Warp with "Motion Institut ep". V.L.A.D. come back with a new EP : « D’ ».
V.L.A.D.'s sound is a crisp stripped down electronic groove full of Electronic/Hip-Hop/R&B/Electrobooty
and Video games influences. « D'' » is a mixture between deep warm bassline (Transcom_t.v),
crunchy breaks (Oil Rig) and twisted melodies(Aïbug). It also contains a killing booty tune (8 bit bull)
like Dj Maximus playing to Bomberman, perfect for low-riding...


Reviews :

V.L.A.D. made his debut appearance with Warp records on the Motion Institut EP where fractured
electro-bits melted with Video-game influenced melodies. It comes as no surprise that this French
producer would continue in the tradition of creating sounds that compliment times past with tracks that
look straight into the future. While most of D' uses similar sounding clicked beats and shiney melodic
outbursts, there's a peculiar feel on this disc that falls from the edges with each listen. The hyper-sonic
electro tweaks of "8 Bit Bull" contrasted with the brooding curiosity of "Alkaida" shows us that V.L.A.D.
can puncture a vibe like no other. Likewise, "Oil Rig" unfolds layers of crunchy beat programming until
it falls into a void of silence. At the end of this bizarre piece, a malnourished synthesizer casually
passes through closing off D' in an unusual fashion. As described in the press-release, "The music of
V.L.A.D. is naturally marked by this digital world teeming with mechas and Sci-Fi creatures..." We
couldn't agree with Angstrom more: V.L.A.D. certainly appeals to the bleepy electro crowds but
manages to retain a sound that is fresh and inventive.

brittle, brutal 8-bit action from the mysterious vlad. niftily packaged in a vario-pac cd case, this is a
shockingly good kick up the ass for up-tempo electro. the lo-fi bleeps, blips and whirrs that vlad uses
as their palette allows the ep to retain a thematic link. and with that set in place, it allows for some
insane variations.
opener 'transcom_t.v' is merely there to lull you into a false sense of security before '8 bit bull' kicks in.
the hyper-speed soundtrack to some crazy level of sonic the hedgehog, details and rhythm blur by in a
shower of pixels and you're left reeling. the tempo may be reduced on 'nigapoz' but it's no less intense
and elsewhere the movements of 'aibug' (crunchy hip-hop) and the humourously titled 'alkaida' all start
off normal enough before descending in a vortex of weirdness.
fucking marvellous.

I wish that every electroclash bitch would listen to just one fucking V.L.A.D. song and then run
the fuck home weeping because the track swallowed up all the talent in the electro game.
Come to think of it, V.L.A.D. is probably one of the only people producing anything that makes
you want to piss in your dancing pants


Oil rig (03:20)

Track Info

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