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 Už Jsme Doma (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


Tomas Paleta (drums), Miroslav Wanek (guitar, piano, vocals), Adam Tomasek (trumpet, vocals), Pepa Cervinka (bass guitar, vocals),  Martin Velíšek (brushes)
LOCATION:Teplice, Czechoslovakia
  • Miroslav Wanek
  • Pepa Červinka
  • Tomáš Paleta
  • Adam Tomášek
  • Martin Velíšek
Už Jsme Doma, (Czech pronunciation: [ˈuʒɪsme ˈdoma]), are a progressive rock band from Prague, Czech Republic, who originally formed in the Czech border town Teplice in 1985. The group's complex and genre-bending sound, longevity, relentless touring and diverse involvement in outside artistic media have earned them a large international following.
The Prague Post has termed them one of "the two great bastions of the Czech alternative scene" (along with Psí vojáci).Although, according to their pop-up book 11, they have "received all kinds of labels, like intellectual punk, Slavic tone provocation, African music, orchestral punk, funky punk, ska, inspiration by Zappa, Uriah Heep, Gregorian chants, melodic avant garde and plenty of others," their distinct take on rock music defies specific categorization or direct comparison. Many accuse the band's music of being chaotic, when in actuality it is thoroughly arranged, structured in a manner similar to classical composition. Cited musical influences include The Residents, The Damned, Ebba Grön, Pere Ubu, Uriah Heep, Omega, and the Rock in Opposition movement. Rolling Stone's David Fricke referred to them as "an amazing Czech quintet ... that rattled like a combination of Hot Rats-aphonic Frank Zappa and John Zorn’s hyperjazz." Critics have also compared the band to Fugazi and Men at Work.The band has, to date, released seven proper studio albums, two live albums, a best-of package and a DVD containing live footage and a documentary film about the history of the band, which discusses its artistic significance and chronicles its dozens of lineup changes in its long career. In addition to traditional band functions such as recording albums and touring, Už Jsme Doma have taken on a wide array of ambitious projects outside of simple music performance, including work with theater, film and art. The band's name translates literally to, "we're home now" but idiomatically means "well, there you go" in Czech conversation. (read more at wikipedia)


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