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 Unstoppable Death Machines (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:Brooklyn, New York
  • Mike Tucci
  • Billy Tucci
UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES is a performance-based punk-rock explosion from Brooklyn via Queens. Formed by brothers Mike and Billy Tucci in 2009, the duo has criss-crossed the USA performing in DIY spaces, venues, rooftops, warehouse parties, art galleries and museums— including hometown performances at the Queens Museum of Art Biennial.The duo has made a name for themselves with their raucous live performances where they stack walls of speakers and use homemade face microphones to sculpt a sound described by fans as “loud-as-fuck.” At one point experimenting with relational performances where they would coerce  the audience to participate in a cathartic drum
circle at the end of their sets. (