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A trio playing a crossover of jazz, classical and experimental pop

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Lost on the Moon 2022 - Album
Another album with hypnotising, mesmerising, tranquil and alienating tracks.


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2017 - Album
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UnheardMusic Apr 04, 2019

Hi, if any person associated with the FMA sees this message I would appreciate if someone could contact us. We have now managed to arrive at the state that our new album the Lasso of Time is pending, but it...

UnheardMusic Mar 23, 2019

Hi again. We've been trying to upload our latest album 'the Lasso fo Time' for some time now, but unfortunately the site is really buggy and we do not manage to finalise. (we're now at the point where all audio...

UnheardMusic Dec 31, 2018

Hi all, sorry for not checking any messages for such a long time. We haven't been in the studio much, lately, we've been working on playing our stuff life and did our first gigs where we play a selection of...

mekani Jun 20, 2018

I'm a really big fan of the sound you've got going on, really dark and a bit twisted but still chill and relaxing. Sounds like mystical film Noir, really great stuff. Fills my head with a lot of ideas of...