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 Unheard Music Concepts (6 Albums, 108 Tracks)


  • Han Post
  • Marc Verhoeven
  • Daniel Talma
Unheard Music Concepts is a trio from the Netherlands consisting of Han Post (sax, clarinet), Marc Verhoeven (keys) and Daniel Talma (upright bass).They played together for many years in several groups (the Urge, Two Gentlemen, Masters & Johnson, Dutch Distress) and decided to go back to what they think is the core of all music: communication.They meet and play. They don't agree on chords, tempo or anything else. It is all about listening to and interacting with each other. Everything is recorded on a simple multitrack recorder, afterwards the best pieces are selected and mixed.Four albums have been released; Harbour
(2015), Industry (2016) Home (2016) and Slow (2017). We made our music available under the Creative Common license BY, but would like to add the non existing code ‘NAD' - NAD stands for "No Audio Derivates’ In other words you can freely use (part of) our tracks in a film or video, but cannot remix or re-use part of our tracks in other musical work without our permission. We’d appreciate it if you could let us know where/when you used our music. As an extra service we can make custom edits or mixes for you. You can choose fragments, loops, solo-ed instruments, remixes, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about using and/or customising our music  in your project.  

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