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Ultrasyd (Mulhouse, FR), a retro-gaming lover and demoscene enthusiast since early 00′s, started to compose chiptunes accidentally in 2009 when he decided to get himself a collection of old computers and video-game systems for the sake of nostalgia. Since then, he has been eating chip for breakfast, and now delivers a mix of entertaining beats, energetic basses and sweet melodies, with the aim to pay homage to the 80′s computing era.
He has a particular affection for the flavour of computers such as Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and C64, but doesn’t mind playing the Game Boy or composing electronic music with modern sequencers from time to time. Because he can’t help producing blip-blop instead of playing games, he still hasn’t managed to play and finish the opus of the Zelda saga as he was supposed to .He is now preparing new live-sets to be released soon.

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