2 Digitizdat: The Circumvention of Populace Censure

U Can Unlearn Guitar

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Released Apr 13, 2015
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U Can Unlearn Guitar, an entertainment entity who has explored multiple forms and configurations has begun to return to its roots.  In Terms of his consecutive release An Allegorical Breakdance, it occurs one year later, though sharing the same release date. Unlearny has often said, "Experimental music follows a method that is independant from enjoyment or listenability and more closely parallels a highschool chemistry lab. Just like in the latter, one hopes to make an explosion or catalyze a fantastic transformation, but usually she or he lacks the constituent elements needed to achieve anything apart from foaming up a test tube." In 4588 this will be seen as the "Empire Strikes Back" of the Allegorical Breakdance Operatic Triad. Whereas AABFTY I's "action" centers on the building of the ideal human female by a genomic knitting cyborg who is essentially a poly-gendered commune of the greatest minds in science who were alive when humanity learned how to sublimate human individuals into a much more ruggedized construction, thus "curing death" for all intents and purposes.  Of course after that, entertainment became the only industry with any cogent value, next to the very inexpensive experiential rebooting that only took a single generation to retrofit all of humanity with.  No longer requiring food or shelter or cars or clothing, entertainment was our sole interest apart from driving really fast through outer-space and finding lower life forms to mess around with.  But if a future you doesn't even have a good show you want to share with finite-lifed creatures, even messing with them is hardly worth it, since their whatevers, like their lives and all, seem very uh, dated to say the least.  So a thousand years after, whole communities of like minded individuals combined their essences into insanely complex machine-like beings, highly specialized poly gendered soul communes who had built mechanized fingers so tiny and precise they could build molecules by simply assembling whatever atoms were handy.  By the time of the first Album, they have taken up the task of recreating a single human female who was biologically perfect, who could also be wirelessly ported into for the entertainment needs of the entirety of the phenomenon previously known as humanity. Now, an ancient religious entity from circa AD 3600 or so, housing the inhabitants of what was known as "The Vatican" sets out to destroy the work of the genomic knitter before it can complete its creation.  The idea being, if the brilliant poly-gendered life assembling "tree" (named after it's fingers that branch off down to sub nano size) comune can reproduce an "Eve" than our old god might take offense and smite us or something.   That should at least give you some backstory.


Dr. Juan


Toot Toot! Ima Engineeeer!