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Klassicarnage! Free Classical Revisited

Album Description

Producer: Andrew Marshall Alper
Engineer: Thomas LeTrain
First.  This is, in essence a classical recording, mastered similarly to classical albums recorded by all those dead guys and their worshippers.  This means that if you are used to listening to Loggins and Messina, there are a few things to keep in mind, which you will find below in the Rules section of this description.  Please contact me if you would like to use this music in the score of your student film.  I would like to add a few sounds for when the S.W.A.T. team arrives and the couple is forced to jump off the bridge.Seriously, I would
be eager to help in creating a score for a low, no, or one million below budget film.RULES:1.  Only mildly equalizer friendly.  Vast Placid Spasms will clip out all over the place if you have your bass boosted.   2.  Background music.  It's amazing how many classical composers were interested in helping you study and helping people digest their dinners.  Classical has become the go to ambient music for those attempting to stimulate their Beta Waves and focus on the task at hand.  In this, UCUG is no different.  This album is best as the comfy backdrop to  an otherwise blase audible environment.3.  Listening parties.  Since the earliest foundation of the United States, the right to free assembly has come with one severe caveat, which is to assemble with the intention of rioting is a constitutional no-no.  For this reason, I have included this instruction, because surely any gathering meant to collectively bask in the sounds of Klassicarnage, can only end badly.  4.  Dancing.  This isn't the Footloose town, you can do what you want, so long as it is solitary, since public dances to this music will end in the wanton destruction of public and private property. 5. Listening buddies.  Ironically, despite claims to the contrary, it is best to find a listening buddy for Klassicarnage: Le Samba de Los Muertos.  This person should be a bud you can trust, a true pal, and trusty wingman, who will help you safely come down should the intonations herein cause depression or despotism.6.  Most importantly is to just have fun before and after listening, and to work in a focused and undistracted way during."Soaring" -Zed and Kreplack @ the musicsUCUG's bubbliscious new offering comes from across the ocean, dark deep and mysterious, the ocean holds the secrets of humanity and of life itself.  Listen to U can Unlearn Guitars newest offering. Another product of Yelpco's lucrative exclusive contract with U, Klassicarnage: Yet Another Fucking Masterpiece of Free-Klassical finds Unlearny less the the Monkey Cow singing singer songwriter and more of a ... well, uh... sad dude, I guess you'd call it.  More isolated and Chicagoan in tone than in previous offerings.  I have a good feeling about you.  You will figure it out all by yourself. You always did so good in school. Tip him with your monies.