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05 Adkezin by UP Paolo Pavan Pasqualino Ubaldini

Album Description

Up Ubaldini Pavan
Up Ubaldini Pavan
Upis a Jazz/World self-produced album by Pasqualino Ubaldini, Paolo and Roberto Pavan. The album tells a journey through the sounds and colors of the World. Among the compositions, there are typical music styles from various ethnic traditions. "Savarnah", a samba feeling; "Ballata del Felipe" is a rumba; "Adkezin" is a
flamenco with an Arabic influenced style; "A Man At The Clock" and "Promenade" with a Manouche/ragtime styles, are inspired by Harold Lloyd's film (Safety Last); "Black Trees" and "Five Special Blues" are typical blues ballads; "Saltimbanco" is a Tango feeling; "Pioggia" and "Fado" are fragments of inspired music.   Among the ethnic instruments used in the creation of the album are: Oud, Kazoo, traditional percussion, Hammond Organ and accordion.