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 Tyrannosaurus Dracula (3 Albums, 10 Tracks)


We're Gonna Get You
T-Drac Pins
flier 11
ACTIVE:2006 - 2007
  • Micki Fever - guitar
  • vocals (bass on tk 6&7)
  • William Hellfire - guitar
  • (vocals tk 7 and bass tk5)
  • Prince Matthew - bass on tk1-4
  • Zombi Mike Rozhart – drums

Affectionately known as T-Drac, Tyrannosaurus Dracula was born on June 6th 2006 playing their first show on 666 in the haunted Darress Movie Theatre in Boonton NJ (built in 1919).

Psychedelic Show on you tube:

A molten melding of Acid Rock and Punk: Blue Cheer, Pentagram VS Black Flagg, Birthday Party mixed in a rusty bathtub with beer and sloppy prog-rock and cheap magic tricks.

T-Drac harkened to the days before DNA testing, Serial killer stalking’s on the pacific coast highway; free love and even cheaper death; career alcoholism and hazy memories of crime scene sex…lycanthropy and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

“Black Magik”

Even a ‘bad’ magician needs to make a living.  Sleight of hand can get you out of a jam, buy you dinner and even cover up a missing assistant. 

“Most Dangerous Game”

Drinking every day can catch up to you; you can’t ‘bleach’ a soul.

“She Died With Her Boots On…and nothing much else”

it was the same m.o. for all the and legs up to 'here'...

“Upside-down Stars”

Like a deer in a hunter’s sight, caught in the gleam of his predatory eye.  In his pants a hornet’s nest begins to stir…later you could see them in her eyes...burned into the retinas…behind that dead stare.

“Black Magik (v1)”

Original 3 piece version

“She Died with her Boots On…(V1)”

Original 3 piece version

“Pentacle Blues”

A suicidal werewolf’s joint into the boneyard to eat a bullet and put himself down.

Original 3 piece recording.

10 years in the making a sketch of this song was originally recorded with King Ghidorah! In 1995


Horror movies and comic books shoved to the side; drinking and women become the new obsession.

Special thanks to Mike Mistake and Ivan Wright for all the help, support and enabling.

Special thanks to all those who took Photos of the band: Lisa Ann Nothing, George Karone, Kelley Creature and Ed Obrien.

Tyrannosaurus Dracula –We’re Gonna Get You

tracks 1-4 and 8 recorded winter of 2007.

tracks 5-7 recorded spring 2006

Recorded by William Hellfire on 4 track cassette.

Tracks 1-7 mastered by Ivan Wright @ Wizard of Gore studios

T-Drac was:

Micki Fever - guitar, vocals (bass on tk 6&7)

William Hellfire - guitar, (vocals tk 7 and bass tk5)

Prince Matthew - bass on tk1-4

Zombi Mike Rozhart – drums

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