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Chill Beats EP

Album Description

Chill Beats EP
Chill Beats EP
        Finally, after many tears and as many doubts, the Chill Beats EP was spontaneously generated by throwing cutlery at a metal sheet and captured on some very high-end recording equipment by a few dedicated and bleary-eyed recording interns.As part of crafting a unique sound fans have come to expect, that
initial recording was then played through a pretty big metal tube and the sound re-captured using some more high-end recording equipment. The resulting recording was then transferred to an Edison cylinder and thrown into the ocean where it was left for three to five weeks before being retrieved by a remote-controlled submarine. The cylinder was then carefully dried with a soft towel before being played over a haunted Phonograph the team purchased on the internet and the sound re-re-captured, this time, into an affordable PC computer where the entire EP was accidentally and permanently deleted by the resident cat who walked on the keyboard. The cat also knocked over and broke the cylinder which was a real disappointment to everyone. After that, all hope was lost so the cat was recorded eating some treats. This EP is the result.


UPLOADED: 09/22/2015
LISTENS: 139661

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