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The Postman by Two Prong

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GOOD V. BAD 2010 MD108 I’ve been following Eli Winograd’s music for years thru tapes and cdrs. Each one was really exciting. I looked forward to them. Then he did GOOD V. BAD and that’s the one when I said finally “Eli, you gotta produce my next album.” He did
Infinite Ease with me. His mixing blows my mind. And this combined with his kinda poppy kinda visionary hippy tunes - I love it. SOURCE FROG is the new one. Its challenging. Haha. I love it! Dark long songs – power trio euro rock….Epic arrangements. It’s really growing on me. Oh, and the lyrics! You wont believe what he’s trying to tell you! - Colin Langenus  



06. Two Prong - The Postman 00:03:12

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