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 Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road (5 Albums, 50 Tracks)


LOCATION:Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Ted Monnich
  • Farzad Farhangi
  • Daveed Korup
  • Carla Monnich
  • Behyar Behipour
Performing "300 Year Old Rock & Roll from the Cradle of Civilization" TURKU's saz, bass and layered percussion are the raw energy in their music. Farzad Farhangi's soaring, yet contemplative violin is the burning nuance swirling above that sea of churning rhythm. TURKU formed in Columbia, SC in 1996, released its first album, "Alleys of Istanbul" in 1998, followed by "Nomads of the Silk Road" in 2000, and "Ozlem" in 2004." TURKU is working on its fourth album. TURKU has performed for audiences as large as 25,000 from San Francisco to New York City to Samarkand, Uzbekistan in Central Asia.
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