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LOCATION:Osaka, Japan
  • Kawabata Makoto, guitar
  • Higashi Hiroshi, bass
  • Emi Nobuko, drums
  • Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective, Kawabata Makoto
Formed by Kawabata Makoto, Emi Nobuko, and Higashi Hiroshi while they were members of Tenkyo no To, the precursor to the Acid Mothers Templesoul collective. Tenkyo no To refers to people destined from a previouslife to become bloodbrothers. Just after the group was formed, Higashi managed to break some bones
so the group was forced to take an extended vacation. In the interim Kawabata and Emi participated in Okami no Jikan. Once Higashi was better, group activities resumed and they released their firstself-titled cassette on the Tenkyo no To label. The group played several gigs before deciding to take another break - Emi was departure from Okamino Jikan provided the perfect opportunity. In 1998 a CD of studio recordings, "Tenkyo no To", was suddenly released on the Acid Mothers Temple label, but again the group lapsed into silence. Activities were finally resumed on a regular basis in March2000, when the group played their first live gig in five years. On the surface it might seem that the group has randomly stumbled between activity and silence, but as the three members are brothers linked by fate there can never be any true silence between them. As long as the three members remain alive, like the waves breaking on the shoreor the rising of the tide, there will never be a complete cessation of their existence. This is because the group takes as its eternal theme,the interactions of the Two Principles and the Five Elements (InyoGogyo)... According to the theory of Inyo Gogyo, everything that exists in the world can be expressed by Yin and Yang, the two principles. (even computers work in this way). Everything is created from Yin and Yang,and the interactions of the Five Elements - wood, fire, earth, metal,water. The workings of the universe can be understood through a knowledge of the Two Principles and Five Elements. The form of everything on earth and in the heavens is created by Yin and Yang, while the workings of the world occur through the Five Elements. If we take it that sound is one particle of time, then the energy of sound flows from the deepest past into the far future. And does that not also suggest that the purpose of ritual and prayer is to recreate the energy that existed at the beginning of the cosmos. Rituals and prayer function to reawaken that which existed at the beginning, to open the doors of this world, and to make that energy flow once more. Through the holy sound of Om, can we glimpse the eternal, escape the constraints of time (past, present, and future), and come to meet the Buddha?



Tsurubami - Gekkyukekkaichi