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 Trevor Flowers and Iheka-Chama (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


Trevor Flowers
  • Rhythm Guitar, lead vocals - Trevor Flowers
  • Drums - Ron Simon
  • Bass - Joel Chan
  • Lead Guitar- Tony Santodonato
  • Keyboards - Troy Cunningham
  • Saxophone - LeRoy Graham Jr
  • Trombone - Dwayne Johnson
  • Backing Vocals - Valerie Kelley
  • Backing Vocals - Kameka Berry
With a timeless universal sound and evocative lyrics that permeate the fabric of their listeners and emphasizes public expressions of private truths, Trevor Flowers and Iheka-Chama have mastered the art of innovation through their diversified blend of sounds. Their sound is deeply rooted in the mystical, political and most revered reggae music that originated in the Island of Jamaica. The very roots that birthed lead vocalist, Trevor Flowers, who accredits his being a Kingston, Jamaica native, and a member of the Allman Town Community for laying the foundation for Trevor Flowers and Iheka-Chama. Flowers, a free spirit, embraced his love
for music at an early age, and recollects the first record that ignited this flame when he was just five-years old; “ I am a Lonely Boy” by Paul Anka. “Secular music was like air to my lungs and food for my body.” Based in the New York area, Trevor Flowers & Iheka-Chama (Iheka- Chama, words derived from the tribal language of the Ibo Tribe in Nigeria. The literal translation is IHE (Something) KA-CHA (bigger or better than every other) [N] MA (nice). When transposed in a musical frame of reference it translates to superior sound) consists of Trevor Flowers - Lead Vocalist, Rhythm guitar, Devon Alexander – Drums, Rupert Mckenzie - Bass Guitar, Kirk Coleman - Lead Guitar, Isaiah Rafael - Lead Guitar, Aya Kato – Keyboards, Natasha Corbett - Backing Vocals, Kamica Berry – Backing Vocals. They are a wonderfully meshed band filled with an array of diversity that accompanies their varied melodies. -Reverb Nation