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Leonardo Martinelli is a multi-faceted musician and songwriter with over ten years’ experience and several projects going on at the same time. A restless spirit, he not only devotes his time to composing modern music but also goes by the name of Tremor to merge different types of Argentine folk music by using various digital techniques, electronic music, and everyday objects. The result yielded by such combination of sounds and traditions is a rather unique mix.
  He studied at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory, he learnt how to play the drums, the Spanish guitar, and then he dug deeper into percussion and string instruments, folk-music wind instruments, samplers and sequencers. With all these resources, he joined Marcelo Katz -who took him under his wing- to dive into a deeper study of music composition, arrangements, and harmony.
  His first record, Landing (released independently in 2004) got very good reviews from different publications and was chosen as one of 2004’s most outstanding records by Los Inrockuptibles magazine.
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In 2004, Tremor was in charge of the music arrangements of a short dance-related film named “Interio.Baño.Noche”, which got first prize at Latin America’s 2nd Dance Video Festival in the artistic creation category.
  In late 2005, he partook in the play “The Theater Machine”, which was chosen to compete at the Plateaux Festival, one of Europe’s most prestigious and important launch pads for young theater directors. This play was co-produced by Frankfurt’s Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Theater. The thing about “The Theater Machine” is that there are no actors in it. Based on a specially designed prototype, everything that happens on stage is MIDI-controlled. Tremor was in charge of The Theater Machine’s musical arrangements and exotic sound effects.
  In August 2006, Leonardo Martinelli won the F Arts Award, granted by the Artistic Experimentation Lab and Faena Group. The jury in charge of granting the ceremony’s music-related awards –which featured Gustavo Cerati and Martín Bauer– decided to give first prize to Martinelli’s Defecto primario, Suite para esencias instrumentales, (a set of contemporary music pieces that share technical and artistic characteristics), which was released in 2007.
  In early 2008, Tremor launched his second record, named Viajante. In March, Club del Disco chose this new album as the Record of the Month.

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Released by record company Los años luz, Viajante features 12 new instrumental songs. Its combination of folk music elements and electronic sounds is materialized in a more sanguine fashion, as it involves experimentation with several acoustic instruments such as the charango, ronroco, accordion, bombo legüero, the violin, etc. Viajante involves various rhythms and goes through different moods, ranging from melodic moments of subtle melancholy, to furious, intense sounds that at certain points make people want to get up and dance. Electro-tribal malambo, glitch chacarera, gipsy sayas, and even IDM huaynos are some of the elements involved in the landscapes created by Tremor’s new music.
  In recent years, Tremor has given live trio performances together with Gerardo Farez (keyboards and melodics) and Camilo Carabajal (bombo legüero) at very important festivals taking place in the city of Buenos Aires, the interior of Argentina, and Mexico City.
  In March 2008, he started his first tour round America together with a group of artists linked to Club Zizek.
  At the end of such tour, which allowed him to partake in the prestigious SXSW festival, Tremor launched his second record, Viajante.

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