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Trash80, or as some call him just plain trash, initiated his addiction to computer music in the summer of 1990 - about the same time his interest was sparked for the opposite sex. Coincidence? Probably not. The beauty of it was that he recognized this obvious connection early on and decided to use his love of composition to gain the interest of an unsuspecting female audience. In response to someone who once brought up this connection, Trash80 replied, "Its not about getting girls man, its about my love of music and getting dumped for it."Somewhere in between now and the old bbs days, Trash80's failure to acquire companionship led him to work with such fellows as Native Instruments, releasing oki computer and interface designs for their reaktor 4 library, as well as other popular reaktor ensembles such as caterpillar and the gameboy sound emulator, play my gameboy. And while on the topic of gameboys, it should be noted that some people in the gameboy music community feel he should be held responsible for masterminding the deaths of numerous gameboy colors with his hardware hack for it, the prosound mod.From Amigas to Latinas, to Native Instruments and naked ... ahem, sounds. His passion for one can sometimes be confused for another. But make no mistake, he loves you baby ... you and his machine.

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