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SLEEPY PEEPERS by Trans Atlantic Rage

Album Description

Released on Sirona Records in August of 2011. Sirona Records: This Album is a compilation of songs from other Trans Atlantic Rage albums released on other net labels.


Track Info

SLEEPY PEEPERS WRITTEN BY: SHADOW ENTITY WIZARD FROM ALBUM: SPIN THE GRIZZLE Spin the grizzle for exclusive sweetness Bond the gold bridge to its connection Sweep the sweeper and soften the sleepy peepers Slide over to the next dimension And have a cup of tea Stop the Pathfinder to listen to a stream Follow its winding, flowing descent to my ears and three eyes Serene Solitude I collect Mother Nature I respect The art of day by day in check My third eye illuminates like a miners lamp My high consciousness wears like an Indian feather All shades of green on trees from the rainy weather Living in open sunlight Nap and dream of a black hole at my feet It engulfs the room Mowing the earth because it is long and green Taking deep breaths of air because it is free Decoding the breaths to see what it presents to me
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(p) Trans Atlantic Rage
COMPOSER: Shadow Entity Wizard
LYRICIST: Shadow Entity Wizard