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HAPPY HOBO PARADE by Trans Atlantic Rage

Album Description

Released:February 3rd, 2012

Turbinicarpus Records (Donetsk, Ukraine) proudly presents the double CD of experimental jazz performed by T.rans A.tlantic R.age (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA). Trans Atlantic Rage (T.A.R.) is an explosion of panic beyond control, unorthodox experiments in all the genres to breakthrough beyond style borders, an independent musician from US who now turned to jazz. 'Hobo Jazz' usually refers to music performed by street musicians, homeless hobos, people of the Road. Banjo, double bass and a harp, american folk jazz, ragtime blues, music that first of all makes happy it's performers and sometimes brings a couple of bucks or an extra plate of counter-Pythagorean beans. Hobo Jazz by T.A.R. is an interpretation of musician's emotions who by chance saw a hobo jazz band jammin' out in NY subway. That moment, image, sound, and emotion stuck with him and more then 10 years later became an album. It's a surreal interpretation of own experience, which combines both classic and new waves of jazz: guitar noise, soul, improvisation, samples from Billy Holiday & Charles Mingus. Volume 2 is a bit different — no more samples, add vocals and extra instruments instead, sequences and moods change but the main concept stays the same. And leave the “original american jazz” label for somebody else

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NOTE: Hobo Jazz Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were originanlly released on Altered State Reflections prior to Turbinicarpus Records release.


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COMPOSER: Shadow Entity Wizard


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