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Après Quatre Pièces d'Erik Satie by Trans Alp

Album Description

Released:February 21st, 2013

from Camomille Records:

Sebastien desconstructs his way through Erik Satie’s work in these reimaginings of his gnossienne suite. While conserving the original work’s nostalgic, burden-heavy tones, Trans Alp breathes in what seems to be a carefully executed attempt at suspense and space. Erik Satie’s compositions wander in Trans Alp’s vast and deep world, drenched in texture and echoing in space, like a drop of water falling in a pool of static.

Music by Trans Alp

Photography by Vincent Fugère


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Après Quatre Pièces d'Erik Satie

Après Quatre Pièces d'Erik Satie by Trans Alp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.
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katya-oddio on 03/16/15 at 06:59PM
While Camomille Records is no more, the album is still available for purchase at Bandcamp.

This is a personal favorite added to the FMA to celebrate the Masters Remastered Challenge running March 9 until April 3, 2015.

Details on challenge and how to participate:
oclare on 04/06/15 at 03:58AM
Hi, I loved this sound - referencing Satie but making it your own. I would like to use it in a mini-film I am making....with full attribution...can you make contact with me please. thanks
katya-oddio on 05/12/15 at 11:08PM
Hello, Clare, to reach an artist, check out their artist profile by clicking the artist name.

Visiting the Trans Alp artist profile, you will find a link to his website. He has a contact form.

If it does not work out, here are some alternative re-interpretations by other FMA artists.

Also, you might like these other re-interpretations that are licensed for use in videos.

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