Tracky Birthday

As a curly 14-year-old, Tracky Birthday played the drums on Germany‚Äôs Disney Club TV-show, while wishing he could sound like…

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NartraRadioRoma Feb 13, 2010

I like so much Upitup Records

NartraRadioRoma Feb 12, 2010

AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!!!! You are are in my Podcast: Come to visit us and tell us if you like it or not...and compliment for your music...bye bye by Rome!!! YOU HAVE AMAZING SOUND!!!..nice DUB!! Playlist NartraradioRoma: 01_Measles Mumps Rubella...

NartraRadioRoma Jan 13, 2010

HELLO!!!'re in this PODCAST...check it out thanka a lot...bye bye by Rome!!!! lO-fI fOR lIFE!!!

NartraRadioRoma Jan 08, 2010

January 10, 2010 "NartraradioRoma" began to distribute the first Podcast on your blog, based on the free enjoyment of music and the first podcast di Dj Brontolo (Grumpy) there are also you come on and commented.. download .. good music...