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 Trabajo (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


LOCATION:Brooklyn. NY 11237
  • TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin
Trabajo was formed by TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin - March 2011 in Brooklyn, NY. "If you’ve ever seen a Bollywood film, you may be familiar with some of the cacophony in Brooklyn’s Trabajo. Lending an otherworldly dimension to their brand of psychedlia, in in “Black Practice” swirling vocals are
projected through a Bombay percussion and horn arrangement, while the washing machine of the world’s folk instruments are blended even further in their latest single ‘Monk.’ For how strange this band’s palette is, you’ll find yourself unexpectedly sucked into their peculiar collages." - THE DELI NYC “With the ghost of post-punk lurking underneath the floors, NY duo TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin make focused tumult of shifting styles and segments with drums, blown-out electronics, and plenty of samplers on their debut EP, Slow Pageant. Part The Ex, part Deerhoof, a dash of The Dead C attitude, and the equivalent energy of an entire marching band (you can actually hear it), Trabajo make all their workseem like a lot of fun.” - TINY MIX TAPES


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Gamelan to the Love God
02. Trabajo - The Myth 00:02:31
03. Trabajo - I am Tetsuo 00:02:13
04. Trabajo - 23 Skidoo 00:02:28
05. Trabajo - Udan Mas 00:02:02
06. Trabajo - Mortal 00:02:29