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Best Bytes Volume 2 by Toucan Music (Various Artists)

Album Description

Best Bytes 2
Released:October 25th, 2013

Toucan Music presents 19 more tracks in this second Best Bytes compilation, which features a variety of electronic dance music styles from the pumping house of Beat Doctor to the chilled grooves of Redmann's Fragile Heart and spine-tingling melodies of Psychadelik Pedestrian's Lullaby.  Spanning a 12 year period, the album traces some of the most popular Toucan tracks from 2001 right through to 2013, and all of the material has been remastered especially for this compilation.

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Onegoodeye on 01/11/14 at 06:06AM
Mind Blown! Nice beats, melodies and tunes!
Onegoodeye on 01/11/14 at 06:10AM
Is it possible I can use "01. Aerologic - Electronaut (06:01)" in a video I am uploading to YouTube?
toucanmusic on 01/11/14 at 01:33PM
Yes! You're very welcome to use any of our music in your YouTube videos providing they are non-commercial. If you can, please include a link to our netlabel homepage at in your attribution.
Onegoodeye on 01/13/14 at 05:38AM
You're awesome! Thanks for the reply and permission and I'll add a link to your page. Feel free to check out the video if you like, I'll post a link ;) It's about Japan.
Onegoodeye on 01/13/14 at 10:00PM
As promised!: 06. Marc Burt - Twenty Ten (05:30)


Thanks again!
epal on 03/01/14 at 09:17PM
This is great stuff, super quality music, awesome sound, awesome melodies, awesome rhythms! Five star!
choihyungjong on 01/28/15 at 03:33AM
Awesome beats! we select your melody(01. Aerologic - Electronaut) for our online promotion. Of course it's for commercial use.
so, we want your permission for using this... um means how to pay for you.
toucanmusic on 01/28/15 at 08:11PM
Thanks choihyungjon!
All our music is available under a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial re-use. You mention commercial use - the artist (Aerologic) has a commercial licence available for Electronaut on their Jamendo page:
Hope this helps!
JoshNl on 10/04/16 at 10:03PM
Thank you so much for these compilations. Awesome tracks!
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