Total System Failure

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Total System Failure is the solo/collaborative project of Vinnie Paternostro. The project came about as an effort to explore spontaneous improvisations, drone, and noise. The music is an exploration in Failure and mistakes, working off of accidents and unexpected occurrences using electronics, tenor saxophone, and effects. The project takes an idea from Classical Indian music or Raga in which the back ground drone is all in one key and rarley if ever, changes. Shifting frequencies in the drone tones by manual manipulation of cut off and resonance or by use of phaser pedals help to disorientate the listener. The intended result is to cause hypnosis through "entrainment". To date TSF has released a self titled CDr in 2005; and "the Frozen Hour" on Black Noise Records in 2007. French Label Chironex "One of Many Eyes" Sept, '08. Bad Acid magazine obtained 3 previously unreleased tracks for a compilation due out 2008. The songs are available for download on as "The Engine and the Wreckage". A collaboration with ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER "Power in That Which Compels You", a single 19 minute track was released by Snapped in Half Records under the moniker TSPN. A collaboration with Bordeaux, France's Audiocum "Sonic Kung Fu" was released in July 2009 on CNCCR. Vinnie Paternostro is most know for working with Temple of Bon Matin, Arthur Dolye Electro Acoustic Ensemble, and Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble, Blue Prostitutes, and Sonic Suicide Squad.

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