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Toro y Moi has the feeling of your favorite sweater tossed on as you rush excited from your home into a crisp winter adventure. The warmth of the cloth and million tiny sparks hug and dazzle you with electric comfort. Scratch that…Toro y Moi is the sound of a choir of angels singing forms of cottony clouds into a sky scattered with floating bongo drums and brilliant dreams. You and those angels are all riding skateboards to a potluck hosted by a being of pure light down the block. While everyone else is outside getting drunk on the sky porch
that being will show you an obscure film that will change your creative life forever. Scratch that…Toro y Moi is the moment you realize that sitting outside the club listening to a Smiths tape in your car is one million times more joyful than being inside with the all the sweat and posturing. The two however need each other because this realization was only made possible by the boom of the bass through the brick wall. Its vibration spinning the wheels of your mind into motion and your body into bliss. Final scratch…Toro y Moi is Chaz Bundick who is making warm and beautiful music in many forms and blessed dublab with this live set sure to fill your ears with happiness and be permanently filed onto the “classics” shelf of your heart.