Live on WFMU's Talk's Cheap Dec 15, 2009


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Released Dec 10, 2009
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brothers Andy and Eddy White stop by WFMU for a live set while on tour from their new homebase of Montreal (a short Northeast tour w/ Ultrathin) This is basically two sets. The first four songs feature Andy and Eddy in vocals + loops + delay mode, garnering Animal Collective comparisons from WFMU staffers."5ft7" is a jam. In the Talk's Cheap interview, Andy and Eddy explained that they'd always experimented with loops, but this became more of a focus when they were living in separate locations trading files back and forth. The second batch of songs began with a cover of "Tio Minuter" by the legendary 60s Swedish prog-rock band Parson Sound (not available on the FMA, but hear it in the WFMU Playlist &amp; Streaming Archive). You wouldn't have heard it coming if you just tuned into the first set, but it turns out that tthe White brothers are big Parson Sound fans and in fact they released a C20 of covering Parson and related bands (Trad Gras och Stenar, Harvester, International Harvester) You get the sense listening to these two very distinct sets that Tonstartssbandht can do anything they put their minds to. And they put their minds to a lot. See also, side projects (Totally Dad, NASA, Superbud) and record label (Dœs Are)


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