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The Great Silence by Tombs

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via MetalSucksOH HELL YES. Volume 2 of NYC Sucks, the completely free comp we’ve put together to spotlight some of the best metal bands currently dominating the New York metal scene, IS FINALLY HERE. Featuring thirteen songs by as many bands, who run the gamut from death metal to stoner
metal to black metal to grind to we-don’t-even-know-what-the-hell-to-call-it — this is a great sampling of all that New York’s thriving metal scene has to offer. And we’re giving it to you for the low, low cost of FREE. You can stream, or, better yet, just download the comp below. It contains high-quality 320kbps MP3s, as well as a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands. Please help get the word out… send the comp to your friends, put it up on torrent sites, submit it to .rar Mediafire blogs… just spread the friggin’ music by any means necessary! And don’t forget that Volume 1, featuring fourteen more great bands and songs, is already out and available for free download here!—> DOWNLOAD NYC SUCKS VOLUME 2 HERE <— (includes 320kbps MP3 files, Album Cover, PDF Liner Notes) 1. Wetnurse – “Not Your Choice” 2. Tombs – “The Great Silence” 3. Moth Eater – “Aftermath” 4. Hull – “Healer” 5. The Austerity Program – “Song 6″ 6. Defeatist – “Dawn of No Light” 7. Goes Cube – “Year of the Human” 8. Krallice – “Autochthon” 9. Empyreon – “Beyond Perception” 10. Abacinate – “The Bundy Curse” 11. IKILLYA – “Godsize” 12. Atakke – “Fight Makes Right” 13. The Ghost in Black and White – “Restraint Impalement”



02. Tombs - The Great Silence 00:03:49

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