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 Times New Viking (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


Times New Viking
LOCATION:Columbus Ohio, USA
  • Adam Elliott (vocals / drums),
  • Beth Murphy (vocals / keyboard)
  • Jared Phillips (guitar)
"Times New Viking are not a font but a rather audaciously talented trio from Columbus, Ohio. Known for shrouding their three-cornered pop constructions in clouds of tape hiss and buzzing noise, the combined talents of Adam Elliott (vocals / drums), Beth Murphy (vocals / keyboard) and Jared Phillips (guitar) have
taken inspiration from sources as diverse as British art-school DIY of the late 1970s, Guided By Voices, Pavement and the Beatles. After two albums for Siltbreeze, Times New Viking signed to Matador and tripled their sales with 2008’s Rip It Off. Following the critical success of Rip It Off, the band quickly returned to the studio and released Stay Awake, a five-track 7”-only EP of brand new songs. The trio also found time to play on the hugely successful inaugural Shred Yr Face tour (with Los Campesinos! and No Age) and have toured with the likes of Super Furry Animals, Deerhunter and Yo La Tengo.Whereas the master recording for Rip It Off was delivered on a cassette, Born Again Revisited was delivered on VHS, demonstrating that the much-maligned, oft-forgotten format is still very much alive and kicking. The band have also promised that this fourth studio album (the second for Matador) will feature “25% higher fidelity”, a percentage corroborated by Matador’s own engineering staff after a series of exhaustive laboratory tests.Far more layered and varied, Born Again Revisited is a slow build, from the rousing “No Time, No Hope” to the anthemic, Yo La Tengo-influenced “Move To California”. Through it all their raucous sense of joy shines through unencumbered." From: Times New Roman Facebook page.