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Waterlike by Third Mind Movement

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"The Gift" is the sixth studio album by TMM.Those responsible:- Arsenic Strychnine – samples, FAEMI synth, kazoo, tom-tom, tambourine, vox, lyrics- Nikita Nikitin – drums, guitars, guitar pedals, trumpet, mutated vox- Yury Monk – synths, drum machines, clarinet- Frankly S. Hankly – electric guitar, field recordings- Maria Bakuta – bass
guitar (things #03, #06, #08)- Anastasia Healermass – bass guitar (things #05, #09, #10)- Roman Kalёnov – bass guitar, vox (thing #01)- Michael Mohsen – vox (thing #01), guitars (thing #04)- Dmitry Ephraim – bayan, squeezebox, Organelle- Vasilisa Blacksmith – cello, flute, kalimba- Eve Toreeve – violin- Catherine Ingot – electric violin- Anastasia Snegurova – jaw harp, didgeridoo- Denis Maalinen – percussion,berimbau-EugenePeresedov–chime-bellsRecorded in March 2017 – April 2018 at MEDIUM by Eugene Peresedov.Mixed in September 2017 – May 2018 at Monk's Cell and Strychninum Sanctum by Yury Monk and Arsenic Strychnine.Mastered in September 2017 – May 2018 at Monk's Cell by Yury Monk.Artworks: Arsenic Strychnine and Helena Perech.



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