These Hills of Gold

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Practically everything that can be said about the personnel details of These Hills of Gold will be qualified with a brief summary of their rock’n’roll genetics. This new West Coast pop, rock and psychedelic outfit’s seasoned journey begins with a conditioned upbringing that could only inspire grander works. Too modest for common artists, THOG’s members have kindly requested the focus be on the music. But I digress. This is good stuff.
For starters, band architect Jefferson Parker is an estranged, bastard grandson of Colonel Tom Parker (Yes, Elvis’ manager) Parker’s mother Lucille worked at Memphis Wall-Drug back in 75’. (This might explain the warm Big Star sound found in these 4 tracks) After giving Memphis Mafia errand boys constant grief (bless her soul) about the extensive Rx harmaceutical refill routine for the King, Lucille Parker and son received an enforced, all expenses move to Phoenix. Rather than make new friends, Jefferson became acquainted with his mom’s record collection. To avoid further riff-raff, he traveled north to San Francisco to blend in, so to say. Now for the rhythm intersection of Weed and Mod: Drummer KC Kozak (Jefferson’s childhood friend) was incarcerated at the fine young age of 18 for smuggling sativa across US border. He called Folsom Prison home until 2007, completing 8 years on a 10-year stretch. Released for good behavior, he is now couch surfing. Nick Marcantonio’s mother‘s maiden name, Piaggio should ring a Mod bell. Nick’s Great Uncle developed the essential maximum rock’n’roll commuter: Vespa. Jaime Morales, who adds the wonderful falsetto vocal on the psych jam, ‘Hypnotic Suggestion’ spent his elementary afternoons playing with his G.I. Joe in the lunchroom at Sunset Sound. Jaime’s father, Crescendo Morales, was the on-call tech. He provided gear love during session changes for acts like Love, Rolling Stones and Beach Boys. Indeed, Papa Morales wrenched on boards during several infamous Pet Sounds sessions. Delusions of grandeur, indeed, however, we'd appreciate that you enable these bizarre myths.
Suddenly and splendidly, THOG’s performers are firmly rooted in grand nepotistic tradition; however, the compositions are vital and uniquely contemporary for our times. The logic of notes and chord patterns fit perfectly, as if they have emotions of their own. For your pleasure, four beautiful and distinct tunes, skillfully crafted to introduce you to These Hills of Gold. We think the listener will share THOG’s enthusiasm for the sounds and arrangements. Each number spotlights another side of this multi-talented outfit, providing a trend bending nod to classic West Coast sounds. (This should be required study for today’s blog smart indie set.) (via HappyParts)