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Theme of Laura live at Dans l´cul Danku!

Album Description

"And i don't care about what the prying eyes can see, i'll keep on walking without pants in the middle of this school of fish that never stop screaming; keep on dancing to not die in a life where death has more place than the laughter of fools. I'll not cry anymore and my hatred torn of my veins, thrown to the sheep, i prefer to live too much until a soon death, rather than die slowly on my shit.One more or less, you can tell about me what you want, soppy, silly, crazy, in the twisted right way or
not, i would stay at attention under the banner of fools, flag i will burn before to run into the storm." This is a DIY (do it yourself) and non benefit fest. The only purpose of this fest is to share and meet together in happiness with concerts, infostands, workshops, eat & cafe. All money done are only to cover general costs as electricity water, food, drinks, materialsand cover a maximum gazcosts for the participants (bands, people giving workshops)...


UPLOADED: 05/12/2012

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