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LOCATION:Washington, D.C., USA
As one of the United States Army's premier musical organizations, the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps has inspired audiences throughout the Nation and abroad for 50 years. Founded on February 23, 1960, the men and women of the Corps proudly carry on traditions that accompanied the birth of our Nation. To see the unit is to experience history come alive - a proud tradition that began with the musicians of the Continental Army and continues today! The 69-member Corps uses 10-hole fifes, handmade rope-tensioned drums and single-valve bugles, which bring to life the exciting sounds of the continental army.
While traveling, the marching strength of the unit is normally 22 musicians, and the drum major and support personnel.The Fife and Drum Corps also features a Baroque Trumpet Ensemble; a specialty group that revives the sounds of period trumpet music at official ceremonies, special events and professional venues.As an official representative of the U.S. Army, the Corps averages approximately 500 performances annually. The Corps has entertained millions of people in major parades, pageants and historical celebrations throughout the United States; and has served America as a goodwill ambassador as far away as Europe, Australia and Canada. Major sporting events the Corps has performed at include NCAA bowl games, NBA games, NFL games including Super Bowl XVI, the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500, and the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid NY.In support of the president, the Corps performs at all armed-forces arrival ceremonies for visiting dignitaries and heads of state at the White House, and has participated in every Presidential Inaugural Parade since President John F. Kennedy's in 1961.-- source: official website



Celebrating 50 Years