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 The Tom & Marty Band (1 Albums, 11 Tracks)


Tom Campagnoli
Marty McCavitt
LOCATION:Richmond, Virginia
  • Tom Campagnoli
  • Marty McCavitt
  Formed in 1980, The Tom and Marty Band have always referred to their act as "Electronic Folk Music" and claim to have been inspired by outer space, film, science, myth, love, nature, children and the sounds of the world around them. Their promised return to the stage is always imminent.  Mutant Sounds blog said, "The dark-tinged synthy bleep 'n' splut-scapes that The Tom & Marty Band specialize in are cheap, grotty and strangely gripping..." Tom Campagnoli: Vocals, clarinet, Hohner Bass2 keyboard preamped through a Wollensack reel to reel tape machine running in record mode with no tape, then plugged via
the Wollensack's 'speaker out' to a Silvertone amp, Pig Nose amp feedback, toy organ, drum machine, flute, bells, large coffee can Marty McCavitt: Vocals, Micromoog synthesizer and acoustic string instruments both plugged into a Crate guitar amp with a 12-inch speaker, Hohner Pianet-T preamped through a Barcus-Berry contact mic, Standard Preamp volume & tone control box Model 1330.