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 The Tokeleys (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Mike is in Brooklyn, John and Dave are in LA
  • John Hogan, Mike Hogan, Dave Reich, A.J. Pyatak, Alex Braverman, Evan Davies, Mikey Most
  • Evan "Funk" Davies was their drummer; John Hogan and maybe Dave are in Ponce de Leon now
The Tokeleys were a band that existed briefly in Brooklyn. Members included John Hogan (vocals, guitar), Michael Hogan (vocals, guitar), Dave Reich (bass, vocals). The Tokeleys had four excellent drummers. First among them was A.J. Pyatak, then Alex Braverman. After that, the excellent Evan "Funk" Davies sat in for what
was perhaps The Tokeleys "Golden Age" where they recorded their second demo/album Sons of Horus and did a session on The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T on WFMU. Later, Evan decided to concentrate on and now has his own show on WFMU. In their latter days, The Tokeleys wrote a "Lost Album" that they recorded with Mikey Most (currently playing with Robbers on High Street) on the sticks. That album got eaten by a hard drive or something. Don't ask! John went on to get a masters degree in fine arts at CalArts, Mike Hogan is a writer and editor. John and Dave still play together in L.A. in a band called Ponce De Leon, and Dave also started his own band: Future America. (-via pic by Justina Davies


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