The Surf Messengers

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Who are The Surf Messengers? Annie Q (from Devon), when not trying to find out what noises a milk bottle can make, plays flute, sax and clarinet and creates wistfully twisted lyrics. Glenda Pescado (from West Wales), if not playing the bass, loves to manipulate noise and mess with off-centred and otherwise effected records as well as heavily-treated, sampled and looped guitars and such like. You may also know him by psyche-rock band SENDELICA. Nick Danger (from Surrey) is essentially a drummer who thinks the whole world is a drum kit; but he also likes to explore other sounds, usually invovling the unlikely juxtapostion of household objects and can often be seen with his trusty dictaphone in hand. And will whitney (from Devon) likes to hit things with varying degrees of violence: sometimes suspended gearbox housings but often just a guitar or a keyboard. They come together once or twice a year to play and record as THE SURF MESSENGERS. They've been playing together as this combo for over 10 years now and have an understanding that allows them to improvise creatively in many different set-ups: sometimes as a straight beat combo; sometimes as a experimental cell; but, more often than not, as a combination of these. What you can be sure of is, whatever instrumentation they choose to use, whether it be regular or radical, the resulting music is always interesting, frequently challenging, sometimes darkly humourous and often extremely beautiful. And all the music is created without prior discussion. Most of TSM recordings are rare self-produced CDR's which can be ordered through C IS FOR DOG RECORDS.