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 The Strangelet Disasters (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


The Strangelet Disasters testing out a mellotron at Switched On
LOCATION:Houston, Texas
  • Jerry Strangelet: guitars / electric bass / xylophone / viola / vocals.
  • Jerry Disaster: drums.
  • Johnny Galveston: electric piano / organ.
  • Rudy Oblivion: tape loops / projections / management / catering.
  • Striped Shirt Math Team, elevator to the stars, The Lost Postcards, Exquisite Frosting Penmanship
The shambolic lo-fi project known as The Strangelet Disasters made its first musical rumblings in mid-2013, with the deleted digital single “I’m Not Al Green!” b/w “I Am A Dadaist”, and then recorded almost enough material for an album, only to renounce their own creative work, destroy the masters in a pentagonal wood-burning pizza oven and disappear off the face of the Earth. After two solid years of radio silence, in the third week of November 2015, Strange D reemerged from oblivion with new energy and a sudden sense of urgency, for a frantic, 2.5-day writing-and-recording session which resulted in:
a) their new EP, Morbid Fascination, b) a kolache-induced, self-diagnosed “meat sweat meltdown” for enigmatic frontman Jerry Strangelet (which made any further recording or social interaction impossible), and c) the band parting ways on less than certain terms. Ah but what is life without both joy and pain, both skronk and jangle? It is with great excitement and a twinge of sadness that I present these six new songs and one instrumental/field recording, with cover art by photographer Jedediah Johnson, along with a reissue of the band’s explosively nervous 2013 single.


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