The Spectacular Fantastic

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"TSF has been many things over the years.  The "band" began as a solo recording project that eventually evolved into a full blown rock and roll band and has recently devolved back into a recording project in, near, and around Cincinnati.  I have been very fortunate to share a musical bond with many of my friends over the past 5 years or so.  The members/collaborators have included Jon Schwartz, Doug Baum, William Ryan Fletcher, Roger Pott, Bryan Dellefield, and Jonathan Williams.  We have played many shows throughout the region and have released several albums and a few EPs.  The lineup currently consists of Jonathan Williams and myself.  We live in the studio and are refining and practicing the art of songwriting on an ongoing basis.  We may or may not re-emerge as a live band but as long as I am around, we will probably release an album here and there.  We do believe in making music that is easily accessible and either very affordable or free to enjoy."