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Vermin Perm

Album Description

If click-clack-front-and-back got you dancing, prepare to stand again, as the SPAZMODICS unleash an A.D.D trip through all the classic hits and pieces from the last 60 years that you never knew existed. If Hall & Oates had taken matches to puppies on stage while drinking milk and eating bacon,
they would have sounded like this. Loud enough to attract complaints from your neighbors while smooth enough to entice them inside. With one hand on the volume and one eye on the door the spazmodics will take you on a mystical journey through "experimental music" via the hand holding guidance of tomm jones, the three stooges and many many other unwitting participants. Created and modified by swerve , the "other guy who doesn't mash glass against his face" who co-runs/co-owns/livesshitsandbreathes dual plover and one mathew landers (natures great creative and unsung force). Music for people with nothing better to do than listen to music and make a mess in their heads. "deranged and hallucinatory- more along the lines of what a glitchy Boredoms might do than any mash-up styled deconstruction of pop tunes" - angebase


UPLOADED: 04/03/2009

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