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Chocolate Gasoline by The Shining Path

Album Description


Chocolate Gasoline is the new 12-inch from The Shining Path. While their eponymous album exists in the world of post-SST black-clad psychedelia and noise, the group decided that they had gone far enough in said direction and realigned themselves.

Chocolate Gasoline has a less harsh demeanor, a la Accelerator-era Royal Trux if the Stones-meter was set a little closer to "Under Cover of the Night" than "Dancin' with Mr. D," especially on the opener, "Lonely Hearts Killer." The remaining tracks stretch out via influences ranging from hard dub, early PiL, no wave, block-banging hip hop, and kraut-dance/industrial, if one could imagine a version of Viva more about bikinis than white overalls. Nonetheless, all of this can be played with real instruments and "rocked out" in a live setting, which is what the group intends to do.

-Holy Mountain, The Shining Path



Chocolate Gasoline
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Liz Berg on 08/05/2009 at 01:56PM

Welcome to the enigma of one Ilya Monosov. With a musical ethos that closely mirrors WFMU's own freeform aesthetic, this man is everywhere and nowhere.

From his krauty-psych-noise-rock project (w/ Preston Swirnoff) The Shining Path, to his folky sometimes droney introspective solo work, and collaborations with Little Howlin' Wolf & Peter Barry (minimal experimental loveliness), the 21st Century Punks (driving, hypnotic, culty Eastern sounds), and the Hedonic Islands (beats, sampling), Ilya refuses corner himself. Instead of sticking to the tradition of a genre, some sort of magical and addictive quality is present throughout Ilya's work; perhaps it's merely the comfort of hearing the perfect ratio of repetition and drone to frenzied departues. With music released on the beard-heavy Holy Mountain label, Language of Stone, Elevator Bath, I encourage you to explore Monosov's many sounds.

Take a listen to The Shining Path's particularly rocking tune, "Full Throttle Lover," below, and you may experience lift-off.



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