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Unrequited Droid Love by The Polish Ambassador

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All Jumpsuit Records music is Name Your Price at Affordably license all jumpsuit music for your video projects! Email us at The sound palette of this early album by The Polish Ambassador is vastly different from that of his current, downtempo/cosmic hip-hop works. Highly energized and stacked with
layers, these tunes teleport the listener into a primitive digital world composed of blocky, pixilated scenery. A continuous string of active melodies are transmitted via crude, vintage sine and square wave based synthesizers mixed with a tasteful lining of more developed and modern sound samples around the edges. “Phantasmagoria,” is best described as a sequence of images haphazardly strung together, like that of a dream; a series of fantastic illusory mental scenarios. The Polish Ambassador’s 2007 album Phantasmal Farm is based on this concept in title and sound. The name of each track contains a descriptive caption that alludes to a different imaginative scenario, piecing together fragments in a chronicle of retro-future, electro sound.



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