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I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him.

Album Description

All Jumpsuit Records music is Name Your Price at Affordably license all jumpsuit music for your video projects! Email us at Released in 2008, I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him, carries much of the 8/16- bit, midi based synths and electro sounds that created the alternate cyber universe of Polish Ambassador’s previous release, Phantasmal Farm. New elements are added, however, in the way of intricately manipulated sampling. Jagged vocal slices are used not for their lyrical content (which is virtually impenetrable) but as quips of rhythmic beat. These musical morsels are distorted as if they were
being scratched out by a talented turntablist on vinyl. Expertly structured, this album is a perfect example of The Polish Ambassador’s knack for arrangement. There is no sense of empty space, and never an element lacking. The music is always full and textured, strategically removing layers here and there to isolate a specific line, thus creating new sonic colors. The compositional framework of his productions always seem to exhibit the rudimentary roles of well-crafted music ; melody, counter-melody, harmony, percussion and punctuation. Within the sounds and synths that create these well arranged layers is a distinguishable growth in sound complexity that will continue to evolve throughout the rest of The Polish Ambassador’s discography.