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London Telecommunicating by The Polish Ambassador

Album Description

Released:October 6th, 2006

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Greetings, Planet Earth. I have heard your cries for music that moves you in ways you can’t explain. I have listened to you demand excellent tunes that won’t damper your stylish lifestyle. Alas, these be the reasons why I have created The Polish Ambassador. Yes, I am quite certain that God would introduce Diplomatic Immunity with the above decree. The album manages to use previously unexplored elements of the human imagination and show the universe some amazing tunes in a genre that had been prone to mockery. Explaining the style of music on Diplomatic Immunity is difficult, mainly because explaining The Polish Ambassador is no easy task, either. Self-described “half diplomat, half groove generator, all asexual-cyborg,” The Polish Ambassador cannot be fit into any prepackaged category. “The Polish Ambassador was sent to earth to quell all of the modern world’s problems. Synthesizers and a pure spirit are his primary weapons,” explains The Polish Ambassador while referring to himself, no, groove-self, in the third person.

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