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  • eg0cide S.A.
  • eg0cide S.A.
  • Kecap Tuyul
The perfect failure (?) is a conceptual and contributive project curated and mixed by eg0cide S.A.  aka Kecap Tuyul, founder of the eg0cide productions netlabel . It has simple guidelines: potential contributors are asked to send the sound(s) they consider being the worst (boring / badly recorded / unbearable / laughable…the criteria are totally subjective and entirely up to them) they’ve ever created/recorded and that they haven’t still destroyed – for any (preferably bad) reason(s). The objective is not to make compilations of these tracks, but sound collages mixing the submitted sounds. Sometimes 4, 5 or more sounds will be
heard in the same time....   The paradoxical goal of this project might be to achieve “something” out of a sum of failures, or could it be to create a mix that sounds like a total failure? But if we reach one of these supposed goals, wouldn’t it be a failure? And if we fail, wouldn’t it be a success? How can we pretend to want to fail, since failure is usually defined as missing a goal we wanted to reach? Let's not be paralysed by this logic loop! Above all, this project is a way to discover the different perceptions that artists have about their failures, about self-criticism and self-indugence, about their conceptions of music / art and their values, about the meaning of being an artist / musician.   This project as no deadline, and is open to anyone's contributions : people who don't consider themselves as artists / musicians are welcomed and encouraged to send us their recordings. We will accept every sound submitted, without any judgement - the only restrictions will concern possible legal / copyright issues (but this is not specific to this project). If you want to contribute, detailed guidelines and submission form are given on ef0cide productions' site :


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